Did You Know: Celebrities That Had Weight Loss Surgery

For some, a good diet and an exercise regimen is all that is needed to maintain their health. For others, however, dietary changes and and exercise just doesn’t work. Celebrities are no exception – and many of them struggle with their weight and have opted to have weight loss surgery. Do you know any?

Randy Jacksoncelebrities that have had weight loss surgery

Best known for his role as a judge for American Idol, Randy Jackson had weight loss surgery after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After his 2003 procedure, he went on to lose 114 pounds. He now uses his fame to platform for diabetes treatment and weight management for all those affected by diabetes.

Sharon Osbourne

In 1999, Sharon Osbourne, best known for being a judge for many different shows, and also married to famous musician Ozzy Osbourne, had lap-band surgery. Through her surgery and diet and exercise, Sharon managed to lose 125 pounds.

Al Roker

The famous weatherman had weight loss surgery in 2002 to help manage his weight. He went on to go try to destroy the stigma of obesity in America. He states that weight management is just as difficult a challenge as overcoming a drug addiction. He even went as far to write a book on how his weight loss has affected his life, aptly titled “Never Goin’ Back”.

Finding Success after Weight Loss Surgery in Dallas, Texas

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