Four Important People in Your Life to Identify Before You Go Through Weight Loss Surgery

For many people, making the decision to have weight loss surgery is one of the most important decisions they make in their entire lives. Unlike some other surgeries, this one has reverberating effects, both physically and mentally, for the rest of one’s life. But going forward with the procedure is paramount.

It is for this reason so much thought goes into the pre-surgery process. Planning for the life that will be coming is something that will take time and effort. To help, here are four important people you should identify before going through with weight loss surgery:

1. Surgeon

Obviously, picking the right surgeon is one of the most important decisions you make ahead of your surgery. There are a lot of factors that go into this, including comfort with the physician, as well as what type of surgery is best for you, and if that is a specialty of the physician you select. Deciding what type of surgery is best depends on a variety of factors, ranging from BMI to family history to your own personal weight loss goals. Identifying what surgery is best for you will help identify the surgeon that will help with your weight loss transformation.

2. Navigator

Weight loss surgery is not like other surgeries that have a defined start and end date. Most surgeries involve a hospital stay, maybe some rehab, and then you return to your life. Weight loss surgery is a lifestyle transformation and a journey that goes far beyond the surgery itself. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a “navigator” to help along the way, from your first thought to have the surgery all the way through your post-surgery life. One such “navigator” is Sharon Hillgartner, Director of Specialty Services at Texas Health Flower Mound. As a bariatric coordinator, she guides patients through every step.

3. Family Supporter

Since weight loss surgery, or WLS, is such a life-changing experience, it’s important to have someone in your family who can help support your lifestyle changes. You’ll have to get your house ready for your new life and diet, and adjust your routine to support a new exercise focus. Having a member of the family who can support these changes is crucial to keeping you on track.

4. Community Member

WLS patients are a community – a tightknit unit that shares stories and can help provide support and advice along the way. A community member who has already gone through WLS can be a valuable asset as you begin your journey. Whether it’s a physical support group in your community, or a digital version through social media or a website message board, there are lots of options to find that community member you can work with along your journey.

Think you may be a candidate for WLS? Find out more about Texas Health Flower Mound and what we have to offer the community, and request an appointment.